2013 Gratitude – Review in Pictures

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Jo Gets Standing Ovation

Have you ever seen the movie “The NeverEnding Story?” It’s not a holiday film, but it was a film that I loved as a kid.

In the film, a child empress loses her kingdom and planet due to an unseen force that causes all but herself and one grain of sand from her empire to crumble and disappear.

The reason she and one grain of sand survive is because the hero of the movie, Basitan, a young boy who skips school to read “The Neverending Story,” a book about the empress and her planet, believes he is a part of her adventure and finally participates in it to save her.

NeverEnding Story

Empress and Bastian

The movie comes to mind whenever I hear from you, my readers, whether it be via email or through social media. You are a part of my story and you keep me inspired and eager to continue in my mission to serve others.

So, thank you for commenting on my posts, sharing with me on Twitter and Facebook, and cheering me on as my life as a “public figure” unfolds.

You are the heroes and sheroes of my journey. I’m so grateful that you believe in me.

Here is a year in review of 2013, with pictures!

Anti-Bully Campaign

Anti-Bully Campaign

Gabby Bernstein and Kris Carr

Meeting My Mentors, Gabby Bernstein and Kris Carr

Gift of Life

Giving and Receiving Life

FDA Training

FDA Training in D.C.

Literary Agents

Meeting Jesse Saperstein’s Literary Agents

Cooleys Conference

Speaking at the Cooley’s Anemia Foundation Conference

Zachary Quinto

Sharing my PTSD Blog Post with Zach Quinto

Abu Dhabi Conference

Speaking at the Thalassemia International Federation Conference in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Facebook Fans

Reaching 4,000 Facebook Fans


My First Major Media Coverage

Thank you for being a part of my adventures. I look forward to sharing more and hearing from you in 2014! Happy New Year!

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With love and gratitude,




  • LisaHaney says:

    Thank you, I hope you have a wonderful New Year too!  I wasn’t able to continue going to the gym, unfortunately.  I have to find more help with my boys first.  I am focusing on eating well though :)

  • JosephineBila says:

    BettyCorona Thanks, Aunt Betty! I will keep going. 😀 xox

  • JosephineBila says:

    LisaHaney Thank you so much, Lisa! Your encouragement means a lot to me and I’m so thankful to have your support. Hope your gym sessions are still going strong!! Best of everything to you and your kids this year! xo

  • LisaHaney says:

    Thanks for all of your inspiration and encouragement this past year!  You are awesome and I look forward to hearing from you in 2014.  By the way, I loved the Neverending Story!  I watched it countless times :)

  • BettyCorona says:

    An amazing year for you, Jo. You accomplished more in 2013 than many people achieve in a lifetime. Here’s to another amazing year for all of us in 2014. KEEP DREAMING BIG!

  • JosephineBila says:

    JoycelynBila Thank you!!

  • JosephineBila says:

    Suelou Thank you so much, Suelou. I’m so happy to hear that you enjoy my blog. This year really was great. Not sure how I’m going to top it! HA. In any case, I hope you stay with me in my journey and keep in touch! If you ever have a topic that you’d like me to discuss please let me know. Happy New Year! All the best to you in health, happiness, and success!

  • Suelou says:

    I just discovered this blog recently, but Wow! I’d say you have certainly had an amazing year! So many big accomplishments!! The way you articulate your thoughts is truly impressive!

  • JoycelynBila says:

    Josephine, what an amazing year you have had! May you be blessed in the coming New Year with even more success as you continue to reach out to the world to inspire and heal. Congratulations on all these fantastic achievements. We love you and are so proud of you! xoxo

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