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30 Day Happiness Challenge

Ever notice how most people socialize by talking about the things that are going wrong in their lives?

Concentrating on negative ideas gives us little time to focus on the positive aspects of life.

That’s why I’ve created a 30 Day Happiness Challenge video.

Let’s shift your mind away from bad thoughts in order to concentrate on what we adore about each day. You can share in the comments section below or create a calendar of happy days.

I’m starting this challenge today, May 26, 2014 — Memorial Day in America. The idea is to plot out what you loved about each day.

You can start today… don’t worry about starting when I did. I figured I’d start a few days before posting so you have something to read and use as a reference.

Make a real attempt to release yourself from negative thoughts by watching them pass by without focusing on them or talking about them. Only think and talk about the good stuff.

Let’s go…

DAY 1 Happiness: Sunshine, kundalini yoga, cool breezes, organic groceries, iced coffee, roofdeck, my creativity, Jill Scott, cool shower & sweet smelling soap, Hudson River, boats, new friend, his amazing green eyes, pretty dress, good conversation, laughing, sparkly bracelet, sense of well-being, sense of tranquility, sense of alignment, New York City, yummy dinner, stranger who gave me a hug, kiss, and gift, fun, new experiences.

DAY 2 Happiness: Cozy bed, green juice, kundalini yoga, sense of peace, sense of ease, sense of tranquility, Fiona Apple, sunshine, blueberry rooibos tea, delicate pink flowers, my boss, my co-workers, my job, my ability to pay my bills on time, warm breezes, sparkly bracelets, nice hospital staff, Tracy Chapman, text messages, tan skin, toned arms, delicious roasted kale, my sister.

DAY 3 Happiness: Cozy bed, waking up with a ton of energy, cute Facebook messages, kundalini yoga, cool shower, cool breeze, Starbucks, my Spotify “chill” mix, my job, my boss, the people I work with, Natane B., Brendon Burchard, “Power of Emotions” book, ramen noodle soup, Kabbalah, sense of calm, sense of peace.

DAY 4 Happiness: Cozy bed, Spritz for Web, kundalini yoga, blue sky, my pretty plant, grasshopper wheatgrass juice drink, wellness day at my hospital, meditation with awesome neuropsychologist, excellent nurse, one stick, mid-day nap, harps, violins, Lori F., sunny sky.

DAY 5 Happiness: Cozy bed, kundalini yoga, pushing through negative memories, feeling good about life, my job, my coworkers, my boss, trusting things will go well, Adam H., my fun weekend plans, learning, feeling healthy, Shri Mataji, Abraham Hicks, my new friend with the amazing green eyes, his presence, delicious raw oysters, tastiest gazpacho ever, Damara’s text, warm weather, eating outdoors, tranquility, calm, happiness.

DAY 6 Happiness: Sunlight, cool breeze coming through my window, sense of ease, Jill Scott, kundalini, 30 days of happiness, Christina F., Brooklyn, Bobak Ferdowsi, excitement, fun, mom, dad, JJ O., the absolutely breathtaking view of the Hudson, the open sky, the Manhattan skyline.

Day 7 Happiness: Waking up happy, delicious breakfast, Oliver Q., great photo shoot for my book and new website, Chelsea Market, Jat K., Maine oysters, Chelsea piers, sky gazing, gorgeous weather, awesome street dancers, delicious dumplings, relaxing on my couch, my apartment, the East Village, New York City.

Day 8 Happiness: Waking up with a greater understanding of my thought patterns, meditation, french bulldogs, jokes at work, nice sushi chef at work, my job, my boss, my co-workers, organic apples, rainbows in the mist, Jamal K., triple delight, gratitude, great friendship.

Day 9 Happiness: Waking up vibrant and ready for the day, chakra meditation, green juice, my job, my boss, my coworkers, fun responsibilities at work, East Village, NYC, my apartment, amazing jalapeno + daiya cheese + tomato on rye sandwich, the sound of thunder, nighttime meditation, my cozy bed.

Day 10 Happiness: Waking up to amazing text messages, chakra meditation, amazing job, great boss & colleagues, fun projects, stress-free atmosphere, Shake Shack, Barnes and Noble, my new friend with the amazing green eyes, his philosophy class, fun, interesting, adventurous, nighttime meditation.

Day 11 Happiness: Wake up feeling tired but grateful, chakra meditation, singing Al Green in the rain, my fun job, my awesome boss, my nice coworkers, fun projects, my book arriving, feeling excited, afternoon meditation, excited about new website design, happy to sleep.

Day 12 Happiness: Waking up with ridiculous amounts of energy (I really don’t know how I sleep so well), green juice, Billy Joel, CNBC, rainbow on the staircase, after work event, hanging out with John, fun, his intelligence, his knowledge of social media, our optimism about our future endeavors, warm summer weather, sunny skies, welcoming weekend, evening meditation.

Day 12 Happiness: Waking up happy and well rested, Shri Mataji, delicious breakfast, gorgeous weather, nice people at the bank, nice people at the post office, nice people in the streets, birds chirping, colorful dresses, Diplo, strawberry and durian fruit shake, the book I wrote, my friend Don, Thai food, Maleficent, Angelina, the night sky, sense of power, sense of centeredness, sense of purpose, sense of hope, sense of change.

Day 13 Happiness: Meditation, sunlight, church bells, birds chirping, final book edit, box of wishes, learning, hoping, Shakira, music videos, Drunk in Love song, dreaming, singing, ready for the week.

Day 14 Happiness: Waking up with the memory of a funny happy dream, meditation, cute outfit, completing projects at work, website revisions, meditation, sleep.

Day 15 Happiness: Waking up with a ton of energy, getting a lot of things done at work, feeling refreshed after the gym, the cool waitress at the Coffee Shop, dinner with Sonya, Barnes and Noble, evening meditation, sleep.

Now that we’re at the halfway mark, you can apply this new technique to continue evolving your happiness: begin each day with a sheet of paper with a line drawn down the middle. On the left side, write down the things that you absolutely have to get done in that day. On the right side, write down the things you worry about.

Name the column on the left “For Me to Handle” and name the column on the right “For the Universe to Handle.” A weight will fall from your shoulders as you allow the universe to help you through what you perceive to be challenges.

Why bother? Because, instead of taking action to resolve the things you consider to be problems and then coming up against resistance, you are giving the problems to the universe and then taking action according to your inner guidance system and the natural flow of life.

Example statement to the Universe: “Please help me focus my attention where it needs to be and allow you to guide me to the places and people who will bring me ______” With _____ being whatever it is you’re seeking.

Day 16 Happiness: Cozy bed, mediation, green juice, Jill Scott, awesome job, fun environment, gym, Kabbalah class, Natane B., David G., amazing dinner, sleep.

Day 17 Happiness: Waking up with tons of energy, meditation, fun job, great boss, awesome coworkers, wall of chocolate kisses, exercise, sound of rain, forgiving myself when negative thoughts creep in, allowing myself to feel emotions without judgment, my cousin Kelly, fun dinner, sleep.

Day 18 Happiness: Clarity, meditation, fun job, great people I work with, ramen soup, Stefan A., fun, laughs, meditation, sleep.

Day 19 Happiness: Sleeping in, meditation, feeling good, getting everything done that I needed to do, amazing lunch, my rainbow rock, the Chelsea Market, lounging in the sun and enjoying the grass/sky, relaxing, new website, JJ O, gratitude, excitement for future, hopeful, meditation, sleep.

Day 20 Happiness: Sleeping in, meditation, meeting up with my sister and cousin, having a nice breakfast together, getting pictures done for my new website, laughing, East Village, NYC, green juice, skyping with my parents, meditation sleep.

Day 21 Happiness: Feeling cozy in bed, looking forward to my day, meditation, my job, my boss, my coworkers, no traffic, good nurses at my hospital, caring people, nice bus driver, my apartment, sleep.

Day 22 Happiness: Loving my bed sheets, meditation, my job, my boss, my coworkers, no traffic again, my awesome nurse, Stefan A., jokes, sleep.

Day 23 Happiness: Waking up grateful, meditation, my job, my boss, my coworkers, my project at work, Kabbalah, Natane B., sleep.

Day 24 Happiness: Waking up feeling better, gratitude, meditation, feeling clarity, feeling ease, feeling content, good conversations, jokes, rainbow on the steps, my homemade salad, preparing for Chicago, meditation, sleep.

Day 25 Happiness: Up and ready for Chicago, mediation, green juice, fantastic weather, sister time, wonderful smooth flight, friends, fun, laughing, catching up, dressing up, gratitude, drinks, rainbow LED lights, fireworks, sleep.

Day 26 Happiness: Gratitude, cozy bed, meeting up with more friends, making new friends, sharing my book with people, sister bonding, learning, sharing, helping, laughing, dancing, sleep.

Day 27 Happiness: Meditation, grapefruit juice, prepping for talk, giving two talks, learning from others, nice weather, great flight, cozy bed, sleep.

Day 28 Happiness: Meditation, grateful to be home, my apartment, NYC, rainbow, busy day, feeling accomplished, emails from people taking an interest in my book, excitement, beautiful vision of future, daydreaming about the Maldives, sleep.

Day 29 Happiness: Meditation, nice weather, busy day, smooth project launch, relief, relaxing at home, vision of tranquility, sleep.

Day 30 Happiness: Meditation, nice weather, rainbows, Gloria, easy day at work, happy, green juice, sleep.

Come on, get happy,

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  1. I’m starting this today 🙂 Thank you for the idea. Hope to keep it up too!!

  2. manysane YES! I’m so happy you’re going to try it. It’s really amazing, actually. One of my friends wrote to me saying she realized that it really works, because you just can’t think of bad things while you’re smiling about the good stuff that’s happening! xo

  3. Sheila Bergquist Thanks, Sheila! It has helped me so much, I can’t even tell you. I hope it helps you, too!!

  4. OK, so I’m behind but I’m going to start this today! I love that you are doing Chakra meditations, Jo. That’s pretty cool. I’m going to try to do them, too! I always try to think about the things that make me happy, but I am going to make a conscious decision to write them down each day. Today, I discovered that egg white with a side of sauted bok choy is delicious for breakfast!

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