I’m a clinical social worker for you — the health seeker who craves an energized body, strong relationships, and the willpower to overcome any obstacle.

Right now you might not believe you can get from where you are today to where you want to be. (How can I get healthy if I feel so bad in my body? How do I stop feeling depressed, stressed, and anxious all the time? Why do all of my relationships feel empty?)

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I understand, because I went to Hell and back before getting my masters degree in social work from New York University, becoming an author, inspirational speaker, energy healer, and patient advisor to the United States Food and Drug Administration.

As someone who was born with a rare genetic illness that has required a lifetime of needle sticks and transfusions, life has never felt like a magical journey down fairy dusted roads.

I grew up in a tough blue-collar Italian family. My dad worked hard to pay the bills and my mom stayed home to take care of me. Even though my parents taught me how to push through adversity by believing in myself, outside forces, like teachers, guidance counselors, and peers made my life practically unbearable.

In my early teens, I began to eat my way through extreme depression and anxiety. Kids often made me the punchline of their jokes, because I was so overweight and unable to keep up academically.

Numerous teachers told me I wasn’t smart enough to achieve success in life and shouldn’t even bother trying to get into college.

In my senior year, on the last day of high school, a chemistry teacher pulled me out of class, got on his knees, and literally begged me to forgive him for all of the awful things he’d said to me when school was in session.

My family never spoke outwardly about my illness, because they didn’t want others to treat me differently. Unfortunately, I didn’t understand why there was secrecy around my illness and this made me feel ashamed and isolated for not being “normal,” like my peers.

When it came time to find a boyfriend, I often entered relationships with guys who mirrored the contempt I had for myself. One beat me up so badly that my mom called the police to arrest him.

There have been plenty of times when I’ve wanted to end my own life. I’d fight exhaustive battles with obsessive, self-sabotaging thoughts. In my late teens, the only tool I had to stop my excessive self-hate was binge drinking.

My rock-bottom came at the age of 29, when I got a divorce and realized that I had no idea who I was or what my purpose in life was.

Fortunately, my breaking point became my breakthrough. Even though I was always a self-starter with a strong interest in self-help, I decided to dedicate my life to become emotionally healthy, self-aware, and intentional about my life.

I changed my destructive thought patterns, learned how to eat right, developed a successful career, and finally found a loving partner whom I adore.

There’s no doubt that I live more joyfully today than I ever did in the past.

I'm Here

How do I know that I’m living a happy and aligned life?

  • Because my diet has allowed me to lose 30 pounds, feel more energized, and get sick less often.

  • Because I’m able to stop my mind from those old obsessive, self-sabotaging, and fearful thoughts.

  • Because I have been able to change my career from one that felt torturous to one that feels more like a hobby.

  • Because I no longer find myself in relationships that feel burdensome, laborious, or painful.


You don’t need to go through the enormous amounts of pain that I went through to find out who you are or what makes you happy and healthy.

I want to push you to become the best person you can be RIGHT NOW.

I wasted years of my life figuring out how to be happy. Honestly, I learned the hardest way possible.

I don’t want this for you. I want you to avoid the painful events, the anti-anxiety medication, the hundreds of hours of wasted time, and learn how to live a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life NOW.

Let’s work together to create the most amazing life that I know is absolutely possible for you, because I truly believe it’s possible for everyone.


My life is a testament to the idea that you do not have to succumb to the circumstances from which you were born.

As the first person in my entire extended family to graduate with a bachelor’s degree and then a master’s degree, I know for a fact that you can evolve to become greater, if you so choose.

No one can tell me they can’t achieve the life of their dreams, simply because they’re not smart enough, good enough, part of the right group, born into the right circumstances, or any of that garbage.

You can, you must, and you will. I will help you get there.

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I’m Josephine Bila, LMSW, a licensed social worker for you — the health seeker who craves an energized body, strong relationships, and the willpower to overcome any obstacle.