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10 Steps To Become Powerful (Infographic)

Lots of people want to become powerful for the wrong reasons. Some want power to feel special, while others simply seek power to feel dominant over others.

Serving the ego in this way brings incredible dissatisfaction with life, because the ego will never feel special or dominant enough.

When we serve our ego, we serve a fictitious version of who we think we are or should be.

The ego often tells us we’re the most awesome human on the planet or that we suck at life. It says we should have more money or laughs at others for being scrappy peasants. It says we’re insanely gorgeous or disgustingly heinous; awesomely talented or ridiculously terrible at everything. You get the idea.

The point is, ego keeps us from becoming true to our authentic self, because it’s always at odds with that truth. The authentic self, I believe, is one with our creator (i.e., God, the Universe, nature, whatever your word is).

What I have found is that true power comes from within (internally), not without (the external world). It is a force that lives inside each of us and expresses itself triumphantly when called upon to serve the greater good.

True power has nothing to do with winning people over or obtaining material wealth. True power is a personal manifestation that can influence all who know you just by being around you. It is a satisfaction with life and an ability to accept things as they unfold. More importantly, ultimate power brings unshakable inner peace.

Here are 10 ideas that will help you become your most powerful self.

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