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Free Bone Marrow Transplants: Cure Thalassemia

Bone marrow transplants are extremely expensive. There’s one organization that is trying to remove the cost for the most needy patients. Based in Rome, Italy, that social business is called “Cure Thalassemia.”

Dr. Pietro Sodani is the inventor of bone marrow transplant from haploidentical mother to child with thalassemia and the co-founder of “Cure Thalassemia.”

His co-founding partner, Eugenio La Mesa, set aside time to talk with me about their organization and the challenges of bone marrow transplants in thalassemia patients.

One thing that I am hearing a lot is that bone marrow transplants (BMT) for thalassemia patients are very different than BMT in other patients.

Just because it works for someone with another disease does not mean that it will work as easily with a thalassemia patient.

Here is what the U.S. Patient Survival Report tells us about thalassemia major patients:

U.S. Patient Survival Report

There really isn’t very much data to go off of in the United States and that’s why doctors are very reluctant to discuss transplants favorably.

Eugenio gives us some really good tips and interesting facts about bone marrow transplants that I think everyone with thalassemia should hear.

Please listen to our conversation and share this blog post with anyone who might be considering a bone marrow transplant.

Who Eugenio La Mesa is: 0:17
What the goal of Cure Thalassemia is: 1:19
Which countries have they helped: 2: 35
What are best options for finding a matched bone marrow donor: 3:35
What is the success rate of bone marrow transplant: 6:50
Which age has best mortality rate: 7:11
Why is it better for young children to have BMT as opposed to older patients: 8:00
What is the bone marrow transplant procedure like from beginning to end: 9:20
Are there complications that can happen: 10:35
How many thalassemia bone marrow transplants have happened in the world to date: 11:05
What age is the best case scenario to receive bone marrow transplant: 12:05
Where are the bone marrow transplant centers in the world: 12:35
What is the difference between western countries and Asia: 13:20
Isn’t chemotherapy difficult on a child’s body? 14:23
Frequently asked questions to Cure Thalassemia: 15:10
Email Dr. Sodani to receive free advice on BMT.

To curing thalassemia,

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