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Two Unconvnetional Mood Boosting Techniques

The best mood boosting techniques have nothing to do with the world of material objects.

Some people try to increase their happiness by drinking caffeine, unwinding with wine, or eating chocolate.

Others believe that their mood can only improve if they’re on vacation, with the right person, or doing some activity (like shopping).

The truth is, anything that could potentially bring us pleasure in the external world also has the ability to bring us pain.

For example, as you’re eating that piece of chocolate, you’re feeling guilty about the calories.

As you shop you feel guilty about the amount of money you’re spending.

In this video, I describe two unconventional mood boosting techniques.

Mood Boosting Techniques

1) If you’re in a really terrible mood, think about one small thing that you enjoy doing or like about life. Even if it’s as small as your favorite color.

Continue thinking about all of the small things that you like and allow your “likes” to snowball. If you can continue day dreaming about your likes, you will naturally begin to feel better.

2) “Beating the bag” is a medical qigong practice from Chinese medicine that will allow you to remove the toxic energy of the liver (anger) and spleen (worry), in order to give rise to happier emotions. Yes, this relies on an action using a pillow or something in the external

3) Listening to high-energy music is very helpful. I’m adding this as a bonus, because it relies on the external world. In other words, if you’re having a bad day and can’t turn on some good music, then you’ll be upset.

I hope these tips help you feel better throughout the day.

To your happiness,

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