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10 Ways to Thrive: An Infographic

I would like to thank my Facebook fan, Amanda Lepinski, for suggesting the topic of this week’s blog post on how to create a life you love.

When I asked everyone what this week’s post should be about, she said “Maybe you could do a post about how your life evolved to the moment you decided to go to Abu Dhabi.”

The answer to that question is complicated, because what happened was a deep internal shift that moved me away from feeling insecure and dependent on others for my happiness to becoming confident, self-aware, and independent.

When I sat and thought about what I did to evolve myself and my life, I came up with these 10 steps. These are the exact rules that I live by.

Tell me in the comments below if I am missing a step that you would include.

How to Create a Life You Love

Cheers to your creation,

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I’m Josephine Bila, LMSW, a licensed social worker for you — the health seeker who craves an energized body, strong relationships, and the willpower to overcome any obstacle.

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  1. This is great little guide on how to live your best life. On number three “Make great friends”, I would just add this; surround yourself with positive, like-minded people, people who edify you and are there for you. Great job, as usual, Jo XO

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