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7 Steps to Deal With People Who Lack Compassion

Every person has a basic desire to be accepted and loved by others.  When this need goes unmet, we often feel hurt, angry, sad, lonely, and/or not good enough.

How do you deal with people who do not sympathize with the pain, struggles, or challenges you may be experiencing?  What do you do when someone says something that is ignorant and/or hurtful?

You stop caring so much about what other people think and start loving yourself more.

How does one accomplish self-love?

  • Fully accept yourself as you are.

  • Know that your life is meaningful and worthy of existence, just as you are.

  • Feel gratitude for any little thing that brings you joy (e.g., the sound of children laughing, seashells, a cool breeze).

  • Appreciating the tiniest good things about life, as it is, in this moment.

People often face a battle between the body and the mind.  The body encompasses the truth of the spirit; the inner “I.”  When we do the right thing, love, or do good in the world, it’s as if the action arises from our hearts (i.e. our bodies).  When we hate, behave badly or do wrong in the world, our overactive minds are typically to blame.

The “I” is the internal voice.  That deep knowing that lives inside us all.  The guide that tells us to make good choices and use loving words.  The deep wisdom that often gets muted by the cacophonous chatter that occurs in our minds.

Most people do not choose to be intentionally hurtful.  Although, most people do choose to express themselves through their thinking minds first, with a quick acknowledgement (or unconscious abandonment) of their internal wisdom.

Get in touch with and become conscious of your inner self.  Listen to the reactions that your body has with your mind by noticing shifts in breathing, muscle tension, and posture.

Once you become more acquainted with your inner voice, allow it to guide you to do right.  Let it show you the way to compassion and love.

  • When you love yourself, you understand that compassion, kindness and powerful words only come from a place of truth.

  • When you realize that you are much bigger than the struggles appearing in your life, you awaken to the aliveness of Spirit.

  • When you truly love yourself, you understand that people who hurt you or do not accept you are generating thoughts and emotions from a place of fear and self-loathing.

When people lack compassion, send them thoughts of love and wish them peace.  Negativity cannot survive in a place of peace, so wish this for them.

P.S. Tell me how you deal with people who lack compassion in the comments below.  I look forward to reading your thoughts.

Be great.  Do right.  Love yourself.

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  1. We’ve got to give God the credit for our brilliant  minds to make life worth what it is meant to be. Example: The computer gives credit to man and we cast our crowns to God, in the name of Jesus, for His finished work on the cross for our sins. Jesus loves you and so do I.

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