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How to Find Love For a Romantic Relationship

Today’s video is going to teach you how to find love for a romantic relationship.

This is for you if you’ve ever asked, “why can’t I find a boyfriend?” or “why can’t I find a girlfriend?”

First, I’d like to tell you a story.

For those of you who don’t know me, I was born with a rare illness that requires me to receive frequent medical treatment.

During each hospital visit, nurses are required to stick a needle into my vein and prepare me for an infusion.

As a kid, I remember realizing that there were some nurses who could get the needle into my vein easier than other nurses.

So, when I saw the nurses who were bad at sticking me with needles, I would psychically defend myself.

What does that mean, “I would psychically defended myself?”

Well, I would fix my gaze on the nurse that I didn’t like and focus my angry energy towards her.

No words were spoken.

I just gave her a feeling of discomfort using my mind’s focus.

Honestly, I believed this was my only defense as a kid.

It was my unspoken, thought-based defense.

And do you know what would happen after I did this?

The nurse would feel so uncomfortable that she would call in another nurse to put the needle in — ha!

This is when I realized that people communicate on a conscious level (e.g., spoken words, facial gestures) and a subconscious level (e.g., unspoken thoughts, intuitive feelings).

This is what people don’t realize when it comes to dating.

The person you end up with will connect with you on a conscious and subconscious level.

You will (most likely) have the same emotional wounds and find joy in the same types of experiences.

So, you might think… I want a guy or girl who looks like this, has this job, wants these things… and yes, that’s great on a surface level.

But once you meet a person who meets those qualifications, you also need to feel the sensations of your heart and stomach, because they are linked to the wisdom of your subconscious intuition.

And this is where most people fall off the cliff.

They put all of their hopes and desires into a guy or girl who is completely wrong for them.

Especially if a date seems great on a surface level (i.e., because they say and do the “right things”).

*Waves* Hi! Yes… I, myself, did this for way too many years.

Ignoring your intuitive wisdom will lead you into that you will eventually regret.

So, how do you find someone to match with on both a conscious and subconscious level?

The answer is — you get to know yourself a bit more.

How to Find Love For a Romantic Relationship

Mirror practice:

  • Hold your hands on your heart look in the mirror, deep into your own eyes, and say the words “I love you.”
  • While looking deeply into your own eyes in the mirror tell yourself what it is you think you want from your romantic partner.

How do you feel when you hear yourself say these words?

If you feel uncomfortable or like something is wrong, ask yourself why you might feel this way.

Are you saying you want things that you think other people might feel envious towards if they saw you with it, which is why you think you want it?

There’s no better path towards Hell than entering a relationship because you 1) think other people will feel envious of you, or 2) think it will make other people happy, or 3) you think fitting into society requires you to be a certain way.

Find love by using your mirror work to talk yourself through a scenario that feels better to you.

Keep telling yourself the story that feels good and eventually it will come (typically when you least expect it). šŸ™‚

To strengthening your heart,

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