How to Be Lazy and Find Your Purpose

Is it possible to find your purpose in life by being lazy?

There are some days when I seriously drag myself everywhere because I don’t want to do anything. Productivity goes out the door when I get into this physical/mental state. I just want to vegetate on my couch, play video games and order take out for lunch and dinner. Trust me, I know how to do “lazy.”

Whenever I feel this way, I allow the feeling to be expressed as big as I can. I don’t force myself to do any task that I don’t I really want to do. Heck, I don’t even answer text messages or phone calls (unless I really want to or it’s an emergency).

What are your hobbies/interests? Share them with me in the comments below!

I think it’s really important to give yourself time to engage in activities that you feel are fun but useless. Of course, this is difficult to do when you’re responsible for other people, but it’s always important to do things for yourself and take at least a few minutes to completely zone out. This is the absolute best way to recharge and ramp up enough energy to focus on things that really need your time and attention.

The same kind of rational should be used when creating lifestyle changes (a.k.a., dieting, exercising, etc.). You don’t want to force yourself to eat kale when your dying for a cookie. Allow yourself to have one cookie! ONE is the keyword here.

When I feel lazy, I give myself ONE full day of playing video games for 10-12 hours straight. I can’t stand TV, I don’t like movies much, but I do adore video games. My single day of total zone out allows me to recharge so much that I’m able to have several consecutive days of working for 12 hours straight.

If I didn’t allow for that time, I wouldn’t get half as much work done. So, in the spirit of letting go of the absolute need to work, work, work without any play, I want you to think about an activity that you absolutely LOVE, then give yourself time and permission to do it.

What’s interesting is that the activities you love have a lot to do with your life’s purpose. If you’re like me and you love video games, but you know you have absolutely no talent to make a career of your passion, don’t deny yourself of it’s pleasure just because there’s no money in it.

Create space for your passions, because some are meant to revitalize you while others are meant to give you a career. Participating in the things that you adore gives you energy to spend time on activities that may be more lucrative.

If you know someone who feels guilty their passions, share this with article them. Help them alter their expectations of themselves.

To zoning out,

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  1. Haha awesome stuff!

    I really like reading it, quite interesting.

    I would have to say that video games are quite rad and a bunch of fun to play! So that is my hobby too 😀

  2. KevyKev_007 HA. I’m glad you liked this… yeah, I love video games so much that I try to limit my exposure to them. There are some games I won’t even allow myself to try, because I know I’ll end up leave this planet forever. 😉 Thanks for the comment!

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