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25 Things You Don’t Know About Me

The inevitable “25 Things You Don’t Know About Me” post is being brought to you by my own sheer laziness and inability to focus.

When I was 32, a Psychiatrist told me that I have attention deficit disorder. He prescribed me with Adderall. I took the drug for one week and thought it was the worst thing I’d ever been prescribed. The stuff made my left eye close halfway and made my brain feel numb. I felt so lethargic I could drool. I tossed the pills in the garbage and never saw another Psychiatrist after that. I’d rather live with my intense energized personality than a listless indifferent version of myself. Guess I could count this as one thing you didn’t know about me, but I won’t. :-p

Anyway, lately I’ve had a lot of work to do. My website is being rebuilt and my upcoming book is getting designed. I need to write a lot of copy for both. I seriously can’t wait to show you them, because they look insanely spectacular. I’m so excited! Just a few more months and we’re off!

But, now, without further ado…. here’s my list:

1. I have played a variety of instruments, starting with the piano at the age of four, then the viola, then the clarinet, then the guitar, and finally DJ turntables. I also owned a set of drums as a kid. Unfortunately, I never stuck with any instrument, so I can’t play any now and I regret that.

2. Out of all the instruments that I’ve played, piano and viola were my favorites. I also know for a fact that I would have been a killer DJ if I had started younger. 😉

3. I hated playing sports as a teen, so I became the manager of my high school’s varsity field hockey team and earned a varsity letter the easy way. Ha

4. My spleen was removed when I was eight years old, because it was enlarged. I almost got left back in school that year due to my frequent absences.

5. I received special help in math for the entire duration of my formative education, but got straight A’s in my college statistics classes without any additional help.

6. One of my childhood math tutors was the older sister of my best friend. Today, she’s one of my closest friends and a professional writer/editor. She’s also the editor of my upcoming book!

7. I consider myself to be a pretty big geek who used to play a ton of video games all day long (I mean ALL DAY), until life became too hectic and I got an Apple computer. Real games are meant for PCs. I was never a tremendous console gamer, but Nintendo will always hold a special place in my heart.

8. At the age of 19, I sang in a competition that took place in a mall. It was my first time singing in front of an audience, so I was petrified. Something went right, because I was asked to perform in the next round of the competition, which took place in Los Angeles, California. My dad didn’t let me go because I was too young, so that was the end of my professional singing career.

9. I was also the lead singer in an electronic band when I was in college.

10. I truly dislike roses. The only flower I dislike more are lilies. I prefer tulips or any other flower that has a delicate appearance and comes in a rainbow of colors.

11. I don’t watch any television shows. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

12. The only sports I enjoy watching are boxing and ultimate fighting championship. Other sports I can tolerate watching include soccer, tennis, football, basketball, and ice hockey. Fortunately, I don’t turn on my TV, so this is a non-issue.

13. My ethnic background is Italian and Puerto Rican. I’m first generation Italian and second generation Puerto Rican.

14. The last movie I saw in a theater was “This Is The End.” I loved it.

15. The sexiest features on a man are his haircut and his mouth, unless he has stunning green or blue eyes.

16. I absolutely love indoor cycling and weight training.

17. Someday, I’d love to own a French bulldog, a Boston terrier, an exotic shorthair and maybe a Scottish fold. I’ll be the Angelina Jolie of international pet breeds.

18. When I’m not working on my wellness efforts, I work in the entertainment/media industry. To date, I’ve worked in radio, film, publishing, and television.

19. My media career has introduced me to a variety of actors and musicians, from Diana Ross to Tom Cruise. The crazy thing is, I’ve met bloggers with bigger egos than some of the A-list celebrities I’ve met. Cracks me up every time.

20. I prefer city tours over beach vacations, unless it’s a romantic getaway.

21. I am not a fan of Los Angeles or Las Vegas.

22. The best food I ever ate was in Sicily.

23. I’m a morning person.

24. I eat an apple a day to keep the doctor away. Fuji apples are my favorite.

25. I love building things, from toy models to jewelry. I’m also really into drawing and painting and would love to increase my skills in these areas.

Thanks for being patient with me as I work on my various other projects.

I always like to learn more about people, so if you feel like telling me a bit about yourself please do so in the comments section below!


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I’m Josephine Bila, LMSW, a licensed social worker for you — the health seeker who craves an energized body, strong relationships, and the willpower to overcome any obstacle.

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  1. Agree on the Adderall…took it 3 days, as prescribed by a $500/hour psychiatrist. The worst drug ever… Had my heart racing and my brain felt scattered. Threw it away and it felt good…and I never went back to THAT shrink.

  2. Citygirl15  Lol. Glad you stopped taking it. Who knows what kind of harm that stuff does to the body over time.

  3. Citygirl15 psychiatrists literally only have one answer and i’ve found they will admit it.  it works well in some cases but fails in most.  this is just how any medical doctor works
    i’ve thrown away all my “absolutely essential” drugs in favor of natural foods, regular exercise and attempts at adjusting my mindset.  if i survive it long enough to get healthy, i’ll have josephine tell my story.  if i drop dead before, “the man” can feel entitled to the last laugh

  4. GaryAlanHurst Citygirl15  Wow, Gary… that’s very inspiring. I’m so proud of you for helping yourself. I will definitely share your story. Just don’t get rid of essential drugs. I wouldn’t be alive if I didn’t take my iron chelation medicine every single day.

  5. JosephineBila GaryAlanHurstCitygirl15  i think in some rare cases such as yours, there are drugs that are truly essential.  i think the rest is just about big pharma pleasing shareholders with “growth” and NOTHING more
    while i may sound like one, i’m not a maniac.  when i got a staph infection in my leg 2 years ago, i went to the hospital as it seemed there was no choice other than that or end up with the infection getting into my blood and then ending up in the hospital with sepsis and greater misery and danger.
    i quit the psych drugs about 3 years ago and quit all drugs about a month ago.  so far i neither feel better nor worse.  we shall see how it goes

  6. GaryAlanHurst I think it will take almost half a year before you really feel different if you just stopped one month ago. Let me know how it goes! I agree that most drugs just cover up the real problem.

  7. Matt was on Aderall and he was literally cowering in the corner of his room with the blinds down. It was awful. Every ADHD drug he tried made him into a completely different kid. We finally stopped giving them to him in middle school after he begged to not have to take them any more.  Ultimate fighting championship?????? Really???????

  8. BettyCorona  Aw, poor Matt. 

    Yep… it’s funny, when I first joined my gym at work it somehow came up that I like UFC. The trainer who was talking me through the sign-up questions told me that he’s a fighter and invited me to a match. This is him (Liam): 

    I didn’t go, b/c it was in NJ and I didn’t want to travel. I think everyone is shocked that I like the UFC. Too bad I missed my chance to see a live fight!

  9. JosephineBila BettyCoronathat’s not MMA.  that’s muay thai

  10. GaryAlanHurst – I know… that’s why I used the word “fight” instead of UFC. A fight’s a fight IMO. :-p

  11. JosephineBila GaryAlanHurstoooh, noooooo, all fights are very different.   and, yes, you are correct that i jumped from your enjoyment of UFC to connecting this video to MMA, which is not a connection you made at all., 
    on an unrelated aside, i’m not that far from an all plant based natural diet right now, at least when i’m at home.  i’m about close to cutting out hard cheese and eggs, which would leave me only fish left in terms of animal based food product
    out of the house, though, all bets are off as giant sandwiches and good pizza still turn me on.  much to my joy on the mater, the guy i’m reading now doesn’t want you to quit all your vices at once anyway as he contends any change, even the best change, is a shock to your body, so anything but gradual change can be counterproductive

  12. GaryAlanHurst— yes, I agree with him. When I converted, it was a gradual change. I’m so thrilled that you’re getting healthy! You have me cheering you on! I wrote about the gradual change here:

  13. JosephineBila GaryAlanHurstyes i am trying but i make no promises.  what strikes me most is the hostility i get from many quarters for daring to threaten to leave the eisenhower america standard of meat and milk.

  14. GaryAlanHurst just shows that you’re part of the new food revolution!

  15. JosephineBila GaryAlanHursti believe i am part of the spiritual, political and food revolutions and i believe they are all one thing. 
    it’s the same in every generation.  many worship “the man.”  many fear “the man” and do his bidding out of this fear.  some try to be “the man” and a very few even succeed.  and then some of us just don’t like “the man” and try to get away from his scene as much as we can.

  16. Hi, Josephine. I’m working on a story involving staph and its implications for bicyclists. Your experience would lend itself to the piece, assuming you’re amenable to speaking about it. If you are, would you please let me know? Thanks, Dean

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