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Do you find it difficult to talk about thalassemia?

Two months ago, I conducted a survey asking people whether or not they find it difficult to talk about thalassemia.

In the same study, I asked responders to share whether or not they feel it is difficult for the public to talk about thalassemia.

I also asked people to declare their ethnicity and relationship to the illness.

The results were fascinating to read.

I’m going to create two separate blog posts on all of the results.

This post will be a discussion on people’s personal ability to talk about thalassemia.

The following graphic details survey participant statistics.

I would like to ask that you provide encouraging words to those who are having a difficult time with thalassemia by sharing your thoughts in the comments below.

Table 1

I was fortunate that a good range of ethnicities participated in the study. This is awesome because that means the study isn’t too biased toward any one nationality.

As you can see, 20% of people said “Yes, it is difficult to talk about thalassemia” and 80% said “No, it is not difficult to talk about thalassemia.

Chart 2
This is great news, because it means that more people than not live with acceptance of the illness.

I think it’s important for people in the thalassemia community to read the variety of viewpoints expressed by responders. This will allow for greater understanding and compassion in the community.

I invite you to read the actual responses given by people from around the world, because I think their words are very encouraging and inspiring!

Read 10 pages of responses: why people DO NOT find it difficult to talk about thalassemia.

Read 3 pages of responses: why people DO find it difficult to talk about thalassemia.

I created a video that responds to those who expressed difficulties in their responses.

Please don’t forget to share your comments below and contact me at info (at) josephine (dot) bila for more information.

To freedom and respect for all,

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