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Transfusion Survival Guide

My childhood was full of doctor appointments. I basically lived in the hospital between the ages of 3 through 14.

The experience was painful and unsettling, but through it all I definitely learned a lot.

What’s really amazing is that I was able to pay close attention to and remember the techniques I used to break through my suffering.

Now all of the lessons I learned can be found in a book that I just published called “Transfusion: A Patient Survival Guide.”

Here’s a look at the book’s chapters:

transfusion survival guide

You can now purchase the book: Transfusion: A Patient Survival Guide on

Here’s what people are saying about the book:

“Josephine Bila’s words of wisdom and compassion are like having a guardian angel with you as you enter the sometimes cold and clinical world of needles, transfusions, and doctors. This book will keep you safe. Carry it with you at all times.”
— Dr. Neil F. Neimark, M.D. & Medical Director

“Josephine’s experiences, mixed with her personal stories and powerful yet practical suggestions for shifting your mindset are invaluable to anyone facing transfusions as part of their medical therapy.”
— Stephanie Chisolm, PhD, Senior Director, Aplastic Anemia & MDS International Foundation

“Transfusion is essential reading for any patient or parent of a patient facing a challenging medical issue.”
— Elaine Wilkes, Ph.D. and author of Nature’s Secret Messages: Hidden in Plain Sight
About the Author

I hope that you enjoy the book and let me know if there are topics that you think I should touch on in the future! You can always reach out to me via email at

To your amazing health!

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I’m Josephine Bila, LMSW, a licensed social worker for you — the health seeker who craves an energized body, strong relationships, and the willpower to overcome any obstacle.

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