8 Ways to Improve Your Life

I’m writing this blog post at 3:26 AM EST because I can’t sleep.

I can’t sleep because I woke up wondering if I’ve been making good decisions lately.

My self-talk sounds something like this

when I’m feeling out of sorts:

  • Am I doing the right things in my career?
  • Am I making the right decisions about my life?
  • Should I spend my time and positive energy on people who don’t give as much to me?
  • Do I have control over my health insurance bills?
  • I wish I could hug my grandma.
  • Maybe I should move upstate and live closer to my parents.
  • Will my book and all of the work that I do ever prove meaningful?
  • The rent is too damn high.

After allowing my mind to wander through its negative loops, I had the thought, “Whatever is happening right now is meant to teach you a lesson.”

I then reminded myself that nothing good ever came of life when I tried to control it according to the timeline in my brain.

Of course, it’s not easy to “let go and let God,” as they say. Especially if you have a type A personality like me.

But all of this got me thinking about the silly tricks the ego plays to keep us thinking small, in lack, and feeling unworthy.

So, I created a guide to remind us which thoughts and actions to take to improve our lives.

8 Ways to Improve Your Life

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Let go,


I need to work on # 8. I definitely have problems staying in the "now!" I'm hoping to figure it out eventually. Great post!

Sheila Bergquist
Sheila Bergquist

Such wise advice from you, as always! Thanks for such a great list.


Good Advice to post on your fridge or bathroom mirror! Things we need to remind ourselves of every day!