Why Go Vegan: A Sweet Story

Beans the French bulldog

Why go vegan? That’s a statement that I used to Google, because I wanted to know why anybody would choose to stop eating meat.

The results of my search were usually pretty gruesome. I came upon videos detailing the horrors of factory farming and learned that meat has lots of negative impacts on health like cholesterol, bacteria, and carcinogens. But for some reason, every video I saw and article I read didn’t really stop me from eating meat.

Then, four years ago, I had an accident that completely changed my life for the better. Watch my video to see how Beans, my French bulldog, got me to stop eating meat for good.

If you watched the video, you’ll understand why people asked me if I put the dog to sleep after what happened. Can you believe that that question was the first thing people said after asking me how I was feeling? My life would have never transformed the way it did if Beans wasn’t around to see me through my recovery.

Me and Beans

Beans comforting me after my surgery.

In case you’re wondering where Beans is today — he’s happily living with my ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend Lesa. They both give him oodles of love and I’m very fortunate to say that we’re all friends, so I get to see Beans every once in a while. That makes me so happy!

Is there an animal in your life that you love unconditionally? Tell me about him or her in the comments below. And please share this story if you like it!

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Peace and happy animals,

JOSEPHINE BILA, M.S.W. has been receiving transfusions to treat a rare genetic blood disorder for over 35 years. Her life experience, advocacy, and schooling helped her become an Expert Patient Representative to the United States Food and Drug Administration’s Office of Special Health Issues. She is an inspirational speaker who has presented to audiences around the world. Her written work has appeared on Yahoo!, CNBC, The Huffington Post, and many other outlets.




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